Why we invested in an American Shaman franchise

We have been investors in American Shaman for over two years now. Initially, we would both admit that we were drawn to the industry because of its rapid growth and remarkable potential for profit. As we began to do more research about CBD and the products available in the market, however, the reasons for making the investment changed significantly for both of us.

First, we became convinced that CBD, also known as Hemp Oil, is incredibly effective and provides a number of benefits for its users. Our own experience with CBD was confirmed by the research. American Shaman CBD customers speak daily about a host of medical problems, including anxiety, depression,pain, cancer, seizures, epilepsy, sleeplessness, joint inflammation, headaches, psychosis, seizures, ADHD, and other conditions.

Second, we became convinced that American Shaman CBD is the finest, most effective and efficient product on the market. It is the highest quality Hemp Oil available. It is an ultra-concentrated, terpene-rich Hemp Oil made from organic, industrial hemp. It is 100% organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO with no heavy metals or insecticides. It is also water-soluble, which makes it incredibly efficient. American Shaman CBD works well with our Endocannabinod System to help regulate our body's central regulatory system.

The combination of the effectiveness of American Shaman CBD and the simple truth that it is the finest product available on the market convinced us to invest in an American Shaman CBD franchise. The company is committed to providing people a quality product that helps them. The personal testimonies our customers share are encouraging and heart-warming. More than any financial return, the opportunity to offer relief to people who are suffering has been the most rewarding aspect of our experience with American Shaman.

At American Shaman, our bottom line is people, not profits. Our team is committed to providing quality CBD-the finest Hemp Oil products made in the USA using nano-technology and water solubility-making our CBD the most efficient and effective product on the market. American Shaman CBD franchises continue to expand throughout the United States and we are looking for people who want to join our team. The people in our communities are discovering the benefits of American Shaman CBD and there is growing demand for our product because it is the finest in this growing and unstoppable industry.

Growing to over 150 franchises in 2018, American Shaman expects to add 1,000 franchises by the end of 2020. If you are interested in joining the American Shaman CBD team, then please fill out a contact form and we would be happy to give you a call to answer any questions and share our own personal experience as investors in American Shaman CBD and our community. or to learn more about the process of opening an American Shaman store, read our article, How to open a CBD American Shaman franchise.

American Shaman Bixby & The 918CBD.com Team