CBD provides veterans with true healing from opioids – American Shaman CBD is not Big Pharma… we care

American veterans and active duty military have suffered a heavy toll from opioid abuse. According to statistics, they are twice as likely to die from accidental overdoses of the highly addictive painkillers than non-veterans, which reflects the high levels of chronic pain that afflict those who have served our country. The following statistics reveal this reality:

  • Over 20% of veterans experience back pain.
  • About 16% experience joint pain.
  • Over 25% experience migraine pain.
  • About 27% experience neck pain.
  • Approximately 34% experience both back pain and sciatica.
  • About 37% experience jaw pain.

In addition to treating chronic pain, too many doctors prescribe opioids to treat the symptoms of PTSD, leaving veterans at-risk for abuse and addiction with these addictive drugs.

Big Pharma enables opioid abuse because it is incredibly profitable for them. Big Pharma knows that their opioids are highly addictive and widely abused. Their concern is the bottom line despite marketing campaigns that suggest otherwise. They have spent over $240 billion in lobbying in the past decade alone and make $1 trillion annually across the globe. Meanwhile, veterans and non-veterans suffer needlessly.

American Shaman CBD can help veterans without the dangers associated with opioid abuse and addiction. CBD or Hemp oil, or Cannabidiol, offers healing from chronic pain as well as PTSD. CBD alleviates symptoms of PTSD such as anxiety and sleeplessness, flashbacks, nightmares, and uncontrollable thoughts. CBD is also effective in treating pain for our veterans who have been injured in their service. In order to make CBD readily available for our veterans, American Shaman has a Compassionate Care Program that offers significant discounts. American Shaman CBD is not Big Pharma… we care.

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